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J. Yoohyun Lee (이유현)

Currently active in S. Korea, she has a background in fine arts and ecological design
(BFA in Fine Arts, Pratt Institute; MA in Design and Environment, Goldsmiths College, University of London).

She observes everyday ecology, the trivial elements and the patterns they weave.
While an everyday life is composed of numerous factors, the relations and interactions, such elements are easily forgotten.
The matter of re-discovering the overlooked relationships man has with others is the main interest in her practice.
That makes the act of re-discovery very critical. Hence the focus is on the ‘process’ and ‘participation’,
rather than the anticipated outcome. Such leads to multi-layered narrative and unconstrained forms of artwork.

Her works are experience-devices which re-connect the participators and the unnoticed factors in life.
It is her aspiration to develop active art, encouraging spectators to be actors; suggesting a peculiar insight into our ecology.

Contact J. Yoohyun Lee: jyoohyunlee@gmail.com

- Portfolio (eng) 2013-2015