Story Exchange
@ centre for contemporary art Ujazdowski castle
Warszawa, Poland

Collaboration Project
together with: Anna Balázs, Charlotte Downs, Alex Smilansky and Marcela Teran
During Public A-I-R Festival
organized by Brave New Alps (July 29 ~ 31, 2011)

As an outsider, the people of Warszawa where numerous events happened in the past 100 years
seemed to bottle up stories within themselves for generations.

“Story Exchange (Wymiana hisorii)” was a postcard-exchange system
in which the public share their stories of Warszawa with uncertain, yet coexisting others.
Every participant received a random postcard decorated and written by other participant after the festival.

All the materials used in “Story Exchange” were found around Ujazdowski castle.
(moss stamp, beetroot ink, wooden pallets, hand-made recycled papers, etc.)

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